Autumn - Metropolis - Compilation

>> Release : MCD 8404

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  Side 1 Time Listen Lyrics Info
1 Heath Of Unconsciousness 3'09    
2 Moving D 4'05      
3 Hirn Und Hande (Metropolis Compilation) 14'23      
  Side 2        
4 Mountainside 2'49    
5 Friday 1'33    
6 Touch 3'03      
7 Jerusalem / Pictures Theme 5'24    
8 Finale / Kiss Me 3'48    
9 Surrounded (bonus) 5'08    
10 Reach Me From Behind My Walls (bonus) 3'04    

The CD version contains the same tracklisting as the original tape release.


This release was originally intended as full length album to promote the Metropolis project. For this purpose, 9 Metropolis-tunes were compiled into 'Hirn und Hande', added with 2 more tracks from the soundtrack 'Jerusalem' and 'Kiss Me'. Other tracks were composed (Mountainside, Touch) and recorded in a highly professional studio. However, the album was never released as the Metropolis project had to be uncontinued.
Some tracks were later recuperated in MCD 8411 Silicon Valley but the first 2 tracks are unreleased. It's a splendid compilation, giving the best of Autumn's work of this period.

Read all about the Metropolis project documenten with MCD 8402 and the Metropolis live booklet..

Credits & Artwork

For the Metropolis tunes (Hirn Und Hande, Jerusalem, Kiss Me) :
Geert Coppens : Machinal Sounds, Vocals, Crash, (beta), Rhythms
Peter Koutstaal : Strings, Voices, Tapes, Delays, Rhythms, Mix
Peter Bonne : Lead, Theatre, Melody, Sequences, Tapes, Mix

Heath of Unconsciousness, Moving D, Touch, Pictures Theme : Peter Bonne
Mountainside: Peter Bonne, Geert Coppens
Surrounded : Geert Coppens / Peter Bonne (a Twilight Ritual track !)
Friday, Reach You From Behind My Walls : Geert Coppens

Tracks recorded at various occasions.
Hirn Und Hande, Mountainside, Touch, Friday recorded and mixed ;
Heath, Moving D, Kiss Me, Jerusalem/Pictures Theme remixed ;
at studio Uptide - engineered by Peter Gillis, assisted by Peter Bonne - april 1984
produced by Peter Bonne.

No original artwork available.
New artwork for CD release by Twilight Ritual.

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All tracks are protected by international copyright. Unauthorised reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.
Author/Composers : Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens
Publisher by permission : Micrart Group vzw.

This production is originally released in 1984.
Available through Audiolife and iTunes.

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