Day 7: 22 December 1996

Sunday 22/12/96. It was 5 o clock when we woke up, prepared the breakfast, cereals and some coffee. 


Breakfast very early in Hwange National Park


We survived the night, no lion, no elephant in the camp, anyway I didn’t hear anything I slept to hard. At 6h30 we were already sitting in the bus direction Victoria Falls. 

The road towards the Victoria Falls


We were all quite the first hour, until Dylan screamed through the microphone … lions on the road … everybody awake, jump out of his seat …Sorry guys it was a donkey. The weather was perfect that day, so I observed again the bushes, searching for new game. A scream again, guys no joke, there are  

Wild Dogs crossing the road: This is the largest member of the dog family occurring in Africa and is easily identified by the body coloring, which is irregularly blotched with black , white, brown and yellowish-brown. No dogs have identical the same patterning. The muzzle is black and a black extends from the muzzle to between the ears which are a dark in color, large and rounded. The wild dog is a pack hunter of the open plains and savanna woodland. Packs usually number from 10 to 15 individuals and nearly all hunting takes place during the day.

Dylan was really excited , because it seemed those animals were not easily to find.

The road towards the Vic Falls


So all of us were already excited from early in the morning and the atmosphere was fantastic. We started to decorate the aquarium with all the ornaments Dylan had bought the previous days. So with a Zambezi in one hand, like we were really addicted to it, and some adornments in the other hand, we did good efforts to adorn the truck.


Ambiance in the truc !

 8 o clock in the morning , and the Zambezi’s flowed well. All the different kind of decorations were hanging with tape in the truck, from side to the other. The music was playing loud and we where all singing and even dancing, while the aquarium was driving at a high speed over the bumpy roads. The Maccarana Dance leaded by Annelise and the Vertbush dance leaded by Sharon and Robert. Really crazy! I never should believe things like that, if I wasn’t present!

At 8h55 we crossed the Maletsi River, which was almost dry and at 11h00 we were sitting in Victoria Falls, still at the Zimbabwe side. So the first thing we did was to search for the camp site, install the tents and book our rafting for the next day. Robert, Sharon and I wanted to book a horse ride, but everything was already over booked .. so no house riding. So that day would be a quite one, no special activities. Shopping would be the main activity.

So before starting our shopping activity, we gave our laundry to the women, so we didn’t had to occupied about that. We inspected the washing room, very special all the place were we passed, where they had sanitary facilities, had most of the time only baths instead of showers, and then mostly without the plug. So that was also here the case .

Ann and Helena wanted to perform a Bungi Jump, so Dylan brought them to the Livingston bridge, were they had to jump. Nothing for me I finished my letter.

Installation of the tents in Vic Falls


So with the other ones, we started at our trip to the center. The visit of the Victoria Falls itself was postponed for the next day, because it seemed to be cheaper at the Zambia side instead of the Zimbabwe side 2$ instead of 20 $. I found it a pity because I wanted to see the falls from closer. But alone , no. So I followed the others. Our first stop was the market of course, a very huge one, so the batter queen could play again … and so I did. 


On the market in Vic Falls

We also had to buy a present for the Christmas party for one of us, I had to buy something for Catherine. So after scanning with my eyes all the different craft arts, I finally made my decision, I bought some wooden statues of giraffes, some malachite bracelet for Catherine and also one for mama. I tried some tam tams , but no of them satisfied me, so no tam tam. Robert found one a really nice one , so he was playing the hole time on his tam tam, that was good , so we knew each time were we could find each other. I bought some wooden serve spoon and fork with giraffes. After we had enough from buying we wanted to visit the blue train . 


The blue train started at Cape Town stopped at the Victoria Falls , drive over the Zambezi , over the Livingston Bridge. So to get a good view of Livingston bridge, we entered underhand the very famous hotel Edwardian - colonial Victoria Falls hotel. It is a chunky orange tiled hotel with its courtyard patios colonnades huge trees and views over the falls and bridge is pure raj.


In the hotel, with view on the Livingstone Bridge

 Built in 1904 and refurbished many times, its white gloved atmosphere and superb setting rival Singapore’s
Raffles, Bombay’s Taj Mahal and Cape Town’s Mount Nelson. So we could enter, without to get catch …After this noon of walking buying and doing nothing we left to the Traditional Dancing in the Falls Craft Village. 


The dances



It was a various kind of dances: Breathtaking Makishi stilt and pole dancing , circumcision rituals . Vibrant war dancing . Mysterious Nyau dancing. Spirit costumes - Folklore - Song Legendary drumming. : The names of the dances sounded as follows: Ngandu / Kanolo, Nzingi Muthwe, Kanyengenyenge …African Folklore Marimba group, Zingri, Simbi .The instruments were very strange , like the marimba .After the very nice evening with a lot of fun we went back to the car, were Dylan had prepared a delicious dinner. Chicken with mushrooms. So during the dishes there was also a lot of fun, Ann and Pauline came back from a canoe tour were they had drunk the whole afternoon and were really drunk. With those who still were able to drink, we went to the Drifters Pub. There was a lot of young people in, so after two Zambezi’s we left the bar, because the next day would be really very hard. Dylan told us we drove already a 1500 km.



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